All Nagad Code: Nagad Dial Code 2024

Nagad is one of the most popular mobile banking systems in Bangladesh.

Cash-out charges in Nagad are the lowest compared to other banking. That is why the number of Nagad customers is increasing day by day.

Opening a Nagad account is also very easy. Just dial *167# and then set up a PIN.

Then the Nagad account is created. No extra NID card or photo is required for this. The Nagad account will receive all the data of the SIM by which it will dial.

Nagad Codes

Nagad code refers to the Nagad account opening code and Nagad balance checking code.

Dial *167# to open a Nagad account or check the Nagad balance. By dialing it, one can check the Nagad balance or open a Nagad account.

The account opening requires setting a PIN after dialing it.

On the other hand, in the case of checking the balance, after dialing it, you have to go to the balance inquiry option and select the balance check option. Then the Nagad balance is checked.

Nagad Dial Code

Nagad dial code refers to only one code which is *167#. Any information about Nagad can be easily known by just dialing this code. There is only one USSD code number for the Nagad account.

Apart from this, there is no other code for the Nagad account. All information about Nagad can be inquired through this code.

Nagad USSD Code

Every mobile banking has a USSD code. Nagad’s account also has a USSD code. Any information about Nagad can be known by dialing this USSD code.

The Nagad account USSD code is *167#. Nagad account has only this one USSD code. With this, it is possible to extract any information related to the Nagad account.

How To Check Nagad Balance?

Those who have Nagad accounts need to know how to check their Nagad balance.

Nagad account balance can be checked mainly in three ways, the first method is by dialing the USSD code which is Nagad Code or Nagad Dial Code.

Another is to know by using the Nagad app and the other is by calling customer care directly.

By following any one of these three methods, the Nagad account balance will be known. These three methods are mentioned below.

Nagad Balance Check Code

Nagad Balance Check code is *167#. First, we will know how to check Nagad’s balance account through the USSD code.

  • To check the Nagad balance first dial *167#

Nagad Code

  • By dialing it several options will appear.
  • Among these, there is an option at number 7, which is the ‘My Nagad option’

Nagad Dial Code

  • Send this by typing 7.
  • Then you will see some more options.
  • From here there is an option called ‘Balance Inquiry’ which you will see first.

Nagad Balance Check Code

  • So to know the balance write 1 and send.

Nagad Balance Check

  • On the next page, input your Nagad PIN and send.

After inputting the PIN and sending it will show the Nagad account balance.

Nagad Balance Check Through Nagad App

Another option to check the Nagad balance is the Nagad app. Checking Nagad balance through the Nagad app is the easiest and most seamless method.

  • Download the Nagad app from the Play Store and register it.
  • For registration, you have to provide the mobile number on which the Nagad account was opened.
  • After providing the number, the Nagad account PIN has to be input.
  • Then the Nagad app will be registered.

With this app, you can know any information about the Nagad account. You can also download this app from the Google Play Store.

Nagad Balance Check By Nagad Customer Care

The last method to know the Nagad account balance is to check the balance by calling customer care.

If any of the above two methods are not possible for you then you should call customer care to inquire about Nagad balance.

Nagad Customer Care Helpline Number is provided below. You can get information about your Nagad account by calling any number from here.

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Nagad Helpline Number

Today we have presented the Nagad helpline number at this point for those who are looking for the Nagad helpline number.

The Nagad helpline number is 16167 or 096 096 16167

You can get any help regarding your Nagad account by calling any of the two numbers here.

You can find out any information related to your Nagad account. But before providing your Nagad account information they will check your identity and then help you with the information.

Nagad Customer Care Number

For those who want to know Nagad customer care or Nagad customer care information, we have presented all the information related to Nagad customer care at this point.

You can get details about the Nagad account by calling any of the numbers given above. Below we have provided some more information related to customer care. Hope you find this information useful.

  • Nagad Customer Care Hotline: 16167 or 096 096 16167
  • Nagad Career: [email protected]
  • Nagad E mai: [email protected]
  • Nagad Head Office: Delta Dahlia Tower (Level 13 and 14), 36 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka -1213
  • Nagad Contact Website:

FAQs About Nagad Code

Here are some frequently asked questions related to Nagad Accounts along with their answers. If you have any questions, you can find the answer here.

How many times a day can check the balance of the Nagad account?

Ans: There is no fixed limit for checking the Nagad account balance. You can check your Nagad account balance as often as you like.

What to do if the balance of the Nagad account is not shown?

Ans: If the Nagad balance can not be checked through the above methods then you need to directly call Nagad customer care to report your Nagad account problem. Hope you benefit.

Is there any way to check the Nagad account balance from someone else’s phone?

Ans: It is generally not possible to check the Ndagad account balance from another phone for security reasons. The Nagad account can be checked only with the phone which has the SIM card of the Nagad account.

What to do if someone knows the PIN of the Nagad account?

Ans: If someone knows the PIN of your Nagad account then change the PIN as soon as possible.

How to change the Nagad account PIN?

Ans: You can change the PIN of the Nagad account by dialing *167# in Nagad or through the Nagad app or by calling Nagad customer care.

Nagad dial code


If you have a Nagad account, it is important to check the details yourself. Do not share your Nagad account PIN with anyone.

If a call from an unknown number asks for the PIN of your Nagad account, do not tell him the Nagad PIN.

In this case, you can be sure by talking to Nagad Customer Care. For any information related to the Nagad account visit the Nagad website.

If you have any queries you can do it in our comment section. Hope our team will try to help you with the information.

All Nagad Code: Nagad Dial Code 2024

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