Islami Bank Home Loan Details Information 2024

Islami Bank Home Loan offers house purchase, house construction, house renovation, and joint ownership-based flats by Shariah-based fully halal principles.

Islami banks buy instruments and invest them instead of paying money directly.

Individuals between the ages of 21 to 65 can apply for a home loan from Islami Bank. Islami Bank provides loans of 10,000,000 or more for any need related to a house or flat.

The repayment period of this home loan is 10 or 15 years.

Islami Bank Home Loan

Islamic banks provide various types of loans. As Islamic banks invest in completely halal conditions, no anti-Sharia activities take place here.

Islami Bank provides home loans to those who want to build a house in a village or city, buy a house, renovate or re-construct their old house, or build a flat in joint ownership.

Islami Bank Home Loan

To apply for an Islami Bank home loan, the candidate must possess a specific profession and the investment on which the property is to be invested must be mortgaged under Islami Bank.

If there is any other property, it can also be mortgaged under Islami Bank and take the loan.

However, in case of failure to repay the loan later, the asset will go under Islami Bank. For this reason, before taking a home loan in Islami Bank, the loan repayment system must be taken.

In today’s important discussion, we will know the terms and conditions of Islami Bank home loan, who can take the home loan, the interest rate for the home loan, and how to apply for the home loan.

Who Can Take A Home Loan From Islami Bank?

Anyone can take a home loan from Islami Bank. The Islami Bank Authority has provided a list of several professionals who can avail of home loans from Islami Bank.

A list of people who can take home loans from Islami Bank is given below.

  • Any type of defense forces
  • Any type of successful businessmen
  • Officials of Government or Semi-Government and Local Self-Government Institutions Established Graduate Professional Engineers and Doctors
  • Various professionals stationed abroad such as Doctors Engineers Teachers etc.
  • Officers or owners of various multinational or public limited companies
  • Established schools, colleges, or university teachers

Application Age for Home Loan in Islami Bank

Now coming to a very important point. That is how old you have to be to get a home loan in Islami Bank. Generally, it is easy to take home loans in Islami Bank if you are between 23 to 35 years old.

However, in special cases, home loans from 21 to 65 years of age are provided by Islami Bank.

Documents Required For Islami Bank Home Loan

There are several necessary documents to be submitted for taking a home loan in Islami Bank. All those papers and documents are given below in point form-

  • Original title deed of the house on which the house is to be constructed or the land on which the house is to be renovated
  • Design of the house drawn by any engineer
  • The said land should be approved by Rajuk CDARDA etc. which means the said land should be approved by the proper authority of that area.
  • There can be no adulteration in the said land
  • Copy of CS, RS, SA, and BS Khatian of the said land
  • 12 years NEC certificate headed by District or Sub Registry Office
  • DCR Khajna Rashid and Namjari Khatian

The above documents will be required for taking home loans in Islami Bank.

Also, the person taking the loan will need some documents personally. But the bank may ask for more documents. Before taking a home loan, you need to know about the documents.

Duration of Tenure of Islami Bank Home Loan

Generally, if you take a home loan of 10,00,000, it is required to be repaid within 10 years. A home loan above 10,000,000 is usually given for up to 15 years.

However, Islamic banks can do less and more in this particular field.

Investment or Home Loan Amount From Islami Bank

How much money Islami Bank pays or invests for home loans should also be known. Islami Bank provides loans or invests in specific rules or specific amounts for home loans in various cases, they are mentioned below.

In the case of house construction, Islami Bank will pay 60% of the cost of building the house, which can be up to 30,000,000 TK.

In this case, 40% of the cost must be borne by the customer.

Islami Bank will pay 60% of the total purchase cost for the purchase of a constructed house or any flat or apartment which may be up to Tk 20,000,000. In this case, the customer must bear 40% of the cost.

Islami Bank Home Loan Procedures

The method of Islamic bank home loan is called Bai-Muajjal or HPSM. Basically, through this method, Islamic banks invest in building houses or buying houses.

Does Islamic Bank Invest or Lend?

Islami Bank does not provide loans like other banks. Islami Bank buys construction materials for building houses and Islami Bank earns some profit on those benefits.

Generally, Islami Bank has taken this measure to introduce a Shariah-based investment system.

Islami Bank Home Loan Interest Rate

Now let’s know about an important topic which is how much interest to pay for taking a home loan in Islami Bank. Generally, the Islami bank charge is 9% interest for home loans.

However, the bank can increase the interest rate in special cases. But you should negotiate with the bank to get the interest rate up to 9%. That is, you should aim not to go above 9%.

Islami Bank Home Loan Calculator

Now the question is how do you calculate the interest if you take a home loan from Islami Bank? We have come to know that Islami Bank’s home loan has an interest rate of 9%.

In that case, you have to pay an interest of 9 TK for every 100 TK. In this case, if you take 1000 TK then you have to pay 90 TK interest.

In this way, if you calculate 9 TK for every 100 TK, the money that will come is the interest. Suppose you accept 1,000,000 TK.

In that case, you have to pay interest (1000000 x 9%) = 90,000 TK. In this way, the interest you will get multiplied by 9% of the money you will pay is the interest.

Islami Bank Home Loan Application Procedure

Learned everything about Islami Bank Home Loans from the above discussion. Now you should also know how to apply for a home loan in Islami Bank. Let’s find out.

  • For a home loan application in Islami Bank, you have to go directly to any branch of Islami Bank near you.
  • You need to know where to go to negotiate for a home loan from the help corner at the branch.
  • Then as per the instructions given by him, you have to go to the specific desk and discuss the home loan with the officer.
  • In this case, they will provide you with an application form for a home loan application.
  • This form should be filled out very carefully after seeing your documents and providing them.
  • Then they will take the necessary documents from you.
  • Then they will verify your documents and come to your specific home construction site to verify everything.
  • After that, if everything is in order, the materials for building the house will be purchased by the Islami Bank authorities.

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FAQs About Islami Bank Home Loan

If you are willing to know additional questions and answers related to Islami Bank Home Loan, then follow the FAQs below.

Who is eligible for an Islami Bank home loan?

Eligibility for an Islami Bank home loan is broad and includes various professionals, defense personnel, businessmen, government officials, teachers, and more. The bank provides loans to individuals aged 21 to 65.

What documents are required to apply for an Islami Bank home loan?

Necessary documents for an Islami Bank home loan include the original title deed of the property, house design by an engineer, approval documents for the land, and related certificates such as CS, RS, SA, BS Khatian, NEC certificate, and more.

Applicants should check with the bank for specific requirements.

What is the tenure for an Islami Bank home loan?

The tenure for an Islami Bank home loan typically ranges from 10 to 15 years, depending on the loan amount and specific terms agreed upon with the bank.

What is the interest rate for an Islami Bank home loan?

Islami Bank typically offers a competitive interest rate of 9% for home loans. However, interest rates may vary depending on individual cases and negotiations with the bank.

How does Islami Bank’s home loan calculation work?

For an Islami Bank home loan, you pay an interest of 9% of the loan amount. To calculate your interest, multiply your loan amount by 9%.

For example, if you borrow 1,000,000 TK, the interest would be 90,000 TK.


Islami Bank offers a range of home loan options in line with Sharia-based, fully halal principles.

The bank follows an investment-based approach instead of traditional lending, making it an attractive choice for individuals looking to finance house purchases, construction, renovation, or joint ownership of flats.

Eligibility for Islami Bank’s home loans is inclusive, covering various professions and individuals aged 21 to 65. To apply, ensure you have the required documentation, including property deeds, approvals, and certificates.

For more info about Islami Bank Home Loan, please visit Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. For collecting any information on Islami Bank services, call 16259.

Also if you want to know some more information about home loans in Islami Bank then you can ask your question in the comment section. Our team will answer you as soon as possible.

Islami Bank Home Loan Details Information 2024

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  2. Dear Sir,
    I am a citizen of Bangladesh. I am working at Qatar.
    I need some money as loan basis.
    Please inform me the processing as how I can get the loan
    & also the return process.
    Thank you,
    Firoz Alama

    1. Dear visitor, Islami Bank doesn’t provide direct money as loan because it is a Islami Shariah based bank. It administers various investment programs such as Household Durables Scheme (HDS), Investment Scheme for Doctors (ISD), Transport Investment Scheme (TIS), Car Investment Scheme (CIS), Small Business Investment Scheme (SBIS) etc. So, you have to take an investment loan system from them. They take upto 9% profit from these investment. The loan duration is about 10 years (upto 15 Years), especially based on loan system. Please visit Islami Bank Investment Program to know the details information. Thank you for staying with us.

      1. >> Interest 9% …this is fixed. So how will it be Islami Sariah??
        >> Business income not fixed. increase and decrease.
        >> But if we take a loan, we must pay 9% interest. is this Islam?

    1. Dear visitor, We provided the information according to the Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited official website. To get the details information, please visit your nearest Islami Bank branch and discuss this matter in detail.

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