E Passport Check Online Bangladesh: E Passport Check BD Online

There are a total of two methods for E Passport Check Online Bangladesh. One is online and another is through SMS.

Online Registration ID or Application ID of passport application will be required to check e-passport status.

Also, the applicant’s date of birth will be required. With these two details, an e-passport can be checked online or via SMS. The full process is mentioned below.

E Passport Status

We know that the e-passport cannot be downloaded online. After the passport is issued it is directly handed over after police verification. There is no option to download an e-passport online.

For this reason, after the passport application or renewal application, the status is checked to see if the passport is ready for delivery.

If it is ready for delivery then this passport is collected by going to the nearest police station. How to check e-passport status in Bangladesh is mentioned below sequentially.

Online Passport Status Check

There are two ways to check whether an e-passport is ready for delivery after application or renewal application.

One of them is online which can be checked from the https://www.epassport.gov.bd/authorization/application-status website of Bangladesh.

The other is through phone SMS where one has to send an SMS to 26969 with the Application ID or Online Registration ID.

Two methods are mentioned below with a step-by-step guide. So you can check your e-passport status by adopting any method according to your convenience.

E Passport Check BD Online

First, we will learn about E Passport Check Online Bangladesh. Let’s take a look at how to check e-passport status online.

E Passport Check Online Bangladesh

  • This page needs to provide some information.
  • Here the first option is ‘Online Registration ID’ or ‘Application ID’

When you apply for an e-passport online, an online registration ID is written in the application form. If you have applied offline, the slip number contains the application ID of the e-passport.

  • Enter any of this information in the given box.
  • Then enter your ‘Date of Birth’ below.
  • Then there is a ‘Robotic Option’ below.
  • Click on the ‘Check’ button with the tick mark there.

Then the status of your e-passport will show online.

E Passport Status Check BD

If you get this message above, then you will understand that your e-passport application has not been accepted yet. It is still pending. So you still have to wait patiently.

E Passport Check BD Online

On the other hand, if you see something like this, it means that your e-passport application has been accepted and has reached your local passport office. So go there and collect your passport.

To check your MRP passport, please visit- MRP Passport Check Online

E-Passport Status Check By SMS BD

Above we have discussed how to check e-passport status online. Now we will know how to check the e-passport status through the SMS option.

Follow the steps given below to check the e-passport through SMS.

  • First, access your message box. Then type EPP
  • Then enter your ‘Application ID’ or ‘Online Registration ID’ with a space in between.
  • Then send the message to 26969

Bangladesh Passport Check By Passport Number

A few moments after sending the message, a return SMS will come through informing you of the status of your e-passport.

If you have difficulty understanding then you can follow the example below-

EPP<space>Application ID or Online Registration ID such as EPP OID57441967861968 and send it to 26969

Bangladesh Passport Check By Passport Number

Many people want to check their old passport with the help of the passport number. However, the old passport cannot be checked online.

Only passport status can be checked online. You can only know online whether your passport is ready for delivery.

But you cannot check your old passport with the passport number. To do this you need to visit the local passport office and avail the service from there.

Passport Number Check By Name

Many people want to check the passport number by name. For them, it is not possible to check the passport number by name. Because there are many people with your name.

That’s why the passport number can’t be checked by name only. Passport status can be checked online by visiting the website.

But if you want to check your passport number by name then you can’t do it online. Because there is no facility to check it online.

E Passport Contact Number BD

If you have any issue related to the e-passport or any other such problem then you can directly call the e-passport contact number and take service from them. Bangladesh e-passport contact number is 02-8123788

You can call this number anytime and inform them about your problem and get a solution from them.

Also, you can go to the E-Passport Contact website to solve any problem related to your passport and tell them your problem through the mail and get the solution.

WWW E Passport Gov BD Check

The query “WWW E Passport Gov BD Check” likely refers to a system for checking the status or validity of electronic passports (e-passports) issued by the government of Bangladesh.

Users may access this system through the official website of the Bangladesh government.

The checking system allows individuals to verify the current status of their e-passports, such as their validity, renewal eligibility, or any other relevant information regarding their passport.

FAQs About E Passport Check Online Bangladesh

In this phase, some important questions related to e-passport status check and their answers are provided. If you have any questions, you can check its answer here.

How long does it take to deliver the passport after applying?

Answer: It usually takes 15 days for the passport to be delivered after application. In some cases, it may take less or more time.

If your need is urgent, you can receive your passport within 2 to 7 days. But in this case, the amount of the fee will be a little more.

What to do if the application status doesn’t show?

Answer: If you check the status of your passport online, it does not show the status, then you need to re-check the information you have provided.

You must enter the Passport Application ID or Online Registration ID correctly in the specified box. Then enter your date of birth correctly. Then check. Hope the status of your passport will show online.

I have lost my passport application ID. Now how do I check it?

Answer: If you lost your passport application ID then you can check it with your passport online registration ID.

If you don’t have this information too then you can’t check your passport online. In this case, you have to go to your local passport office to find out.

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In today’s discussion, I tried to provide all the information that was required to be provided regarding the status of the passport online.

If you have any problem related to the e-passport, you can contact them at the contact number given above and get service from them. For any e-passport-related information visit the Bangladesh e-passport portal.

E Passport Check Online Bangladesh: E Passport Check BD Online

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  1. My e-passport delivery date was 30-07-2023. But still in online it is showing “your e-passport has been printed and on the way to local passport office. ‘IN SHA-SHA” when i will get it?

    1. Dear Visitor, Sorry for the late reply! Your e-Passport maybe present in your local passport office. please contact your passport office and collect the e-Passport.

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